A skid is a fully functional compact system, complete with various instruments, peripherals and other components installed within a rigid frame. A skid installation greatly simplifies and speeds up the performance of different manufacturing processes.

Modern skids

By definition, a skid is a complete modular plant up to 5-6 m long and up to 10 tons of weight. A skid comprises an extensive prefabricated system of piping, vessels, electrical equipment, and other instruments. All parts of the plant are fastened to a dedicated skid frame and interconnected. A finished skid is welded, assembled, and painted, followed by testing and thorough checks. Once delivered to a customer, a skid only requires connection to the existing processing system. The materials used in fabrication of skids depend on the intended use of the final solution and the project-specific performance characteristics.

Benefits of skids

Skids are an excellent alternative to conventional processing plant designs in which each system component is delivered and installed one by one. Being modular systems, skids are endowed with all advantages of modularity while enabling easy retrofitting. The skids are designed as compact structures which house complete instrumentation and enable easy processing as intended. Each skid is fully self-contained and easy to transport. The skid components occupy less room than standard processing solutions. Yet another advantage is the controlled installation which does not affect other operations outside of a skid.

Modular plants

We can manufacture and deliver custom plants from proprietary or customer’s design plans. The modular systems we provide are applied in various sectors, like food processing, chemical processing, pharmaceutical, automotive, and general industries. Our skids stand out with the high standard of weldments, the quality of materials, and the precision of assembly.